Starting a New Life After Divorce: When and How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Children

As time passes after your divorce, it’s very likely that you’ll meet someone who becomes an important part of your...


Divorce Announcement Wording Tips for Your Children

Talking to your children about divorce is never easy. Most spouses are going through an emotionally challenging time and want...


Co-Parenting Communication Tools: Our Selection of Books to Explain Divorce to Children

When co-parents decide to end their relationship, it is not always easy to know how to tell the children. For...


How to Talk to Your Preteen About Stress

Preteens, also referred to as tweens, have a lot going on both physically and emotionally. Many preteens go through puberty,...


Married life on social network

Keeping a marriage alive and well has always been an ongoing challenge for couples. In the good old days, the “mother-in-law” was always blamed for interfering with the marriage.


The place of my new partner in the education of my child

Your child’s success and security in life depends upon a good education. So, it is understandable as a parent, you feel responsible and protective for that part of your child’s upbringing.


What children understand about divorce by age group

Divorce is a touchy subject with children and especially for parents as they themselves adjust to their situation. Managing and discussing this traumatic situation with children will vary widely depending on the age of the child. Reaction can be quite different for each age group and can range from sadness to anger and feelings of anxiousness.


Children of divorce infographics

Some interesting statistics about divorce and how it affects children


Keeping Communication Positive

A divorce or separation can be an emotionally trying time for all involved, but it is important to keep communication between separated parents positive. Even though talking with your ex may feel like the last thing you want to do, an open dialogue can keep everyone informed about what is going on, and keep the children from getting stuck in the middle.


Why making your children into “messengers” does not work….

There might be a great temptation to entrust your child with messages - practical ones, or some other kind - that you want to convey to the other parent. This is tempting because it is easy.... Don’t forget to tell your father (your mother) that....


Oh dear, Mum and Dad are divorcing … How to tell their children?

Nothing works any more, Dad and Mum don’t get along and they’re no longer in love ... and they have decided to separate ... How to communicate this separation? Divorce is often experienced as a shocking moment and not always easy to accept for either the children or the parents.


Dating after a divorce?

Living a divorce is hard to everyone concerned by the situation, and looking for love after being divorced, is sometimes a little bit tricky especially after spending many years with someone…

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