A Blended Family: Finding Your Place as a Step-Parent

Marrying someone who already has children is an experience that can be equal parts challenging and rewarding. If you’re having...


Joint Custody Schedules: Should Your Child Have Input?

You already know that communication between you and your ex is critical for successful co-parenting. When do you need to...


20 Useful Tips for Single Parents Traveling with Young Children

Any parent knows that traveling with young children isn’t the easiest of the things. At times, it can be outright...


Children and lies: how to react?

It's not unusual for a child to lie on occasion. This isn't saying the behavior is right, but it is an indication that it isn't always a serious concern. How you react to the situation may depend on several factors. For instance, age and the number of times it has happened both play a role.


I’m afraid to make mom or dad sad if…

The most crucial component of successful co-parenting and child happiness is communication. Both parents must communicate amicably and effectively with each other. They must also facilitate positive communication between the child and parents, as well as the child and siblings.


How to avoid jealousy between children ?

Children are exquisitely sensitive. They have to learn a great deal in a short amount of time, so their brains are hard-wired for imitation, repetition, inference and unspoken language. Parents have to shield children for life's harshest aspects, so they tend to think that they can hide their feelings as well, especially if those feelings are conflicted or touch on anger, hurt, jealousy and doubt. In families where the parents are experiencing relationship problems, jealousy among the children can arise as the reflection of the parent's complex conflict.


The security blanket, first companion of your child!

Teddy bear, doll, end of colored tissue, old tee-shirt of mom or dad or a sheet, a cover blanket, only one or several security blankets, with sometimes improbable odors because they were handled and sucked. Here is the universe of the security blankets of our children...


Co-parenting – 5 tips that make going back to school easier!

The summer break is over and going back to school can be stressful not only for children, but for parents who are separated too. Some tips can help you to go back to school as smooth as possible...


How to build your child’s self-esteem

Simply praising your child can actually do more harm than good. Here’s a comprehensive guide to building self-esteem in children...


10 things You should never say to your kids

There are a handful of obviously wrong, damaging and terrible things to say to a child. But it may surprise you to discover that some seemingly harmless phrases can trigger resentment from your kids...


Divorce – 4 Signs Your Kids Are Not Alright

After many years of bickering, infidelities, and general unhappiness and upset with each other, Jack and Miranda decided to divorce. To their cre...

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