How to add your first custody schedule?

Parenting schedules is one of 2houses's hottest functions! Whether you have alternate custody or shared custody, a weekend at the mother's and then at the father's, a week, two or three. Whatever it is, it is you who makes the plans, and 2houses can help you from the beginning to the end.


How to invite the co-parent to join your 2houses account

You've just created an account on 2houses to share information about your child. Learn how to invite the other parent to join the account in order to effectively manage it! (You can use the account alone, but some features such as expenses and change requests will not be usable.)


When to use change requests?

Do you have a family party this weekend and you would like to have your children attend it with you?


How to add files and folders to my 2houses account

Allergy tests, academic achievements, custody orders ... these are just examples of documents sent to the other parent with the risk that it never reaches its destination... but now it can be done safely and securely by storing shared documents!


How to export your calendar

Exporting your calendar lets you have your calendar on the programs and devices you you want and also allows you to share your calendar with someone else.


How to add child support

In addition to providing you with an overview of your shared expenses, your 2houses financial space displays the child support payment date and amount.


How to add a photo or a video to the journal

Want to share a spontaneous photo or video? Do it via the online journal. Add categories if necessary and filter what is displayed according to your criteria. Both parents can see the entries.


How to add your first shared custody schedule (1 week on 2)

Parenting schedules is the 2houses's killer feature! Whether it's an alternate custody or shared custody, a weekend at the mother's and then at the father's, a week, two or three. Whatever your arrangements are, 2houses can help you from the beginning to the end.


How to add a holidays custody schedule

Your schedule rules could be different during the holidays. This is why you can add as many schedules as you want to your 2houses calendar. The system will know which one to display.


How to add your first expense

2houses manages the shared expenses between separated parents. Do you find it difficult to manage your budget between your expenses for your child that are shared and the ones that are not?


How to add visits to your custody calendar

Do you have custody of your child on Wednesdays between 12:30 and 6:30pm for example? It is here that these recurring visits can be defined. Organization becomes even easier!


How to add photo albums

Photo albums let you share any photo you want as many as you want, with members of your 2houses account. You can, launch a slideshow, download entire albums, and download photos in original size. Everything is in the same place!

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