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making your life as separated parent easier


How to reconcile professional and private life when we are separated?

After a divorce, you have to try to regain a normal life. This includes getting your personal life and your professional life back together. Despite anything you may be going through, you can't let your work and home life suffer. In particular, you need to focus on keeping your children's lives as stable as possible. This might seem a bit overwhelming, but with a few tips and the right tools, you can reconcile your professional and private life even when you're separated.


How to avoid jealousy between children ?

Children are exquisitely sensitive. They have to learn a great deal in a short amount of time, so their brains are hard-wired for imitation, repetition, inference and unspoken language. Parents have to shield children for life's harshest aspects, so they tend to think that they can hide their feelings as well, especially if those feelings are conflicted or touch on anger, hurt, jealousy and doubt. In families where the parents are experiencing relationship problems, jealousy among the children can arise as the reflection of the parent's complex conflict.


Testimony of Jani, an investor

A few words about the reason why Jani decides to invest in 2houses...


Get your wallet ready for the divorce

If you believe divorce is in the foreseeable future, it's a smart move to starting planning your finances and budget before divorce proceedings begin. Transitioning to a life after divorce will be much easier and with less of an upheaval when you are financially prepared. Meet with your planners, use online resources and create a divorce team so you can expertly navigate the details of a divorce. This post will discuss some suggestions to help get you started and ensure a smoother journey on this difficult path.


Putting aside your feelings for the children

Divorce is an unfortunate event that some families have to overcome. The separation of the parents isn't just about the parents; it has a huge impact on the children as well. The feelings of negativity and resentment between a former couple can make the children uncomfortable and make the adjustment to the separation even more difficult. This is why it's so vital for you to put aside your feelings for the children.


When to use change requests?

Do you have a family party this weekend and you would like to have your children attend it with you?


How to add files and folders to my 2houses account

Allergy tests, academic achievements, custody orders ... these are just examples of documents sent to the other parent with the risk that it never reaches its destination... but now it can be done safely and securely by storing shared documents!


What children understand about divorce by age group

Divorce is a touchy subject with children and especially for parents as they themselves adjust to their situation. Managing and discussing this traumatic situation with children will vary widely depending on the age of the child. Reaction can be quite different for each age group and can range from sadness to anger and feelings of anxiousness.


Children of divorce infographics

Some interesting statistics about divorce and how it affects children


Interview of Hervé, an investor

A few words about the reason why Hervé decides to invest in 2houses....


Keeping Communication Positive

A divorce or separation can be an emotionally trying time for all involved, but it is important to keep communication between separated parents positive. Even though talking with your ex may feel like the last thing you want to do, an open dialogue can keep everyone informed about what is going on, and keep the children from getting stuck in the middle.


Why making your children into “messengers” does not work….

There might be a great temptation to entrust your child with messages - practical ones, or some other kind - that you want to convey to the other parent. This is tempting because it is easy.... Don’t forget to tell your father (your mother) that....

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